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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu  -  Submission Grappling - Catch Wrestling - Self Defense 

Build confidence! 

Get stronger in mind and body! 

Learn self defence!

“self-defense classes are life transforming because they address three issues central to women’s lives: fear of sexual assault, self, and gender.”

“…women who participate in self-defense training are less likely to experience sexual assault and are more confident in their ability to effectively resist assault than similar women who have not taken such a class.”

This 8-week course will introduce students to effective skills and a corresponding mind set to defend against attacks. Each 1 hour and 15 minute session will focus on simple, yet powerful techniques that will help build confidence and competence.

Instructor: Dr. Bryan Hogeveen, blackbelt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. In addition to teaching BJJ, Bryan is a professor of criminology at the University of Alberta. Bryan’s unique combination of skills, expertise, and extensive training is unmatched. 

What: A rare opportunity for students to learn within a welcoming space for introducing women to basic self-defence training. 

Where: Foundry Training Centre, Edmonton, Alberta. 4904 - 87 Street  

When: TBA

Who: Open to any woman between 15 and 100! Show up in workout clothes and be ready to learn in a fun, open and supportive environment. 

Cost: $199 (tax included)

Some comments about the course:

- “This course is very empowering, effective and fun. You will feel better about being on your own.”

- “I feel better prepared if I ever have to deal with a physical situation and this has helped me feel more confident.”

- “Bryan is very respectful and a great teacher. He has a great personality and keeps classes fun.”